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I am an all-rounder of the fashion presentation!

I’ve always been interested in the creative side of fashion: how do forms and colors fit together? What happens if I exceed limits? How do I find something new? Just how can I present fashion innovatively and which techniques are necessary to put ideas into practice.

My ideas are fusions: I blend my thoughts with interesting notions of fashion designers who inspire me. Such fashion designers include Martin Margiela or Dries Van Noten, but also Vivienne Westwood, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and John Galliano. Pat McGrath and the unrivaled Serge Lutens offer me a lot as well.

This is a sophisticated collection of brilliant role models. The creative stars lighting my path. With their perfection, they inspire and encourage me to always use my creativity for the successful realization of my work.

Of course, my ideas can also turn out to be unusual … So I first acquired self-taught practical knowledge, such as knowledge about materials or sewing and modeling. My special focus was the production of designer accessories.

Afterwards, I got professional support in order to be ready for all aspects of styling, ranging from make-up to hair design.

The brilliant make-up artist Rosemarie Schneider introduced me to the world of creative “facial design”.

Hairstylist Cora Feiler taught me all about hair styling.

Ute Wingenfeld coached me about special problem solutions with all her experience in the field of fashion shootings.

Last but not least, I gained enough practical experience to make me capable of actually organizing and conducting all kinds of events, from fashion shootings to cat-walk scenarios.

Simone Breu von Ute Wingenfeld
Simone Breu